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Sweet Potato Latte 고구마 라떼

Sweet potato latte has got to be my 2nd favourite winter drink (first being Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte) and I drink it even if it’s not winter. Lol that was retarded. Made some today seeing that we had some purple sweet potatoes at home. I’ve made it a few times previously but never with the … Continue reading

Kkaenip Kimchi 깻잎김치

I always tried ordering 깻잎 (kkaenip; perilla leaves) from 할인마트 but they were always sold out before I could put my hands on them. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to snag 5 packs of it! I was kinda shocked by the amount when it came and decided it was way too much to use as a wrap … Continue reading


Today is a happy day and I would easily put out 2 or 3 posts that I have planned in my list, but I have an interview early in the morning tomorrow and I badly need to prepare for it… There’s even an essay to be written pre-interview. I haven’t held a pen to write … Continue reading

Overeasy Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥

Had a simple dinner at home with the family today. The initial plan was to only cook dinner for myself, but since my parents said they’d eat at home tonight as well, my plans changed from preparing 추억의 도시락 (chu-eok eui dosirak; traditional Korean bento) to 김치볶음밥 (kimchi bokkeum bab; kimchi fried rice). More on … Continue reading

What to eat in Korea (part 2)

Having been a temporary citizen of the Incheon metropolitan city, one thing we (me & my gang on exchange) couldn’t miss out is sashimi at 월미도 (Wolmido)! Situated just 1km off the coast of Incheon, this place boasts over 50 seafood restaurants where you can get really fresh seafood for extremely reasonable prices. There’s also … Continue reading

Best Patbingsoo ever at 담장옆에 국화꽃

back in December when i revisited Korea with Seeyun, my buddy Sooji brought us to Seorae Maeul 서래마을 where we had a pretty mediocre brunch that was immediately compensated by the best patbingsoo i’ve ever eaten. that day is pretty memorable because Seeyun and I first got off at the wrong subway station, got ticked … Continue reading

i really should be updating this place more…

.. and i will try! updates soon 🙂

Making Shik Hye 식혜 만들기

I’m in the midst of my virgin experience making Shik Hye, a Korean rice punch that is drank after meals as a form of dessert, or better known as 후식. It’s gonna be a long process and I just started! Things you will need: 1. Malt barley powder 엿기름 – 2 cups 2. Rice – … Continue reading


Lost the motivation to talk about my daily life after Rome. Catch up with the posts in future!!

Making Seafood Pancake 해물 부침개

There was a Mothers’ Day party over at my grandma’s place over the weekend and it was a potluck party. Hesitated over what I should buy/prepare before I decided on making japchae (잡채). Headed out of home intending to visit the supermarket over at NEX but the cars queueing up to enter the mall was … Continue reading